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The SPACETIME website is dedicated to providing space, planet, and Solar System videos and animations suitable for kids and adults. Learn about the planets of the Solar System, how they orbit The Sun, and in what direction. What they are made of, how many moons they have, and what those moons look like too. Throughout the SPACETIME website you will find many images and videos of Solar System objects, and lots of information to explain what is happening in the animations that you see. Many of these Solar System and planet animations are created by SPACETIME, while links to other space videos, give access to the best of what is available online. Use the links below for direct access to our YouTube Solar System and Planet Videos and Animations, or follow the other links on this page to access more information about the various objects that exist within out Solar System.


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SPACETIME YouTube videos of the Solar System





Planet Jupiter - The Great Red Spot

Aanimation of a spaceship traveling to Jupiter, and then dispatching a space probe towards the planet and into Jupiter's Great Red Spot. The Great Red Spot is a giant storm swirling across the Planet's Surface.



The Solar System Animation - 8 Planets

Solar System animation showing the 8 planets of the Solar System orbiting the Sun. All of the planets orbit the Sun in the same counter-clockwise direction and can be seen in this animation orbiting at different speeds and at different distances from the Sun.












Size of the Planets

Animation of the planets showing their relative size, starting with the smallest planet Mercury, and finishing with Jupiter, The Solar System's largest planet.






Planet Venus

The planet Venus is one of the 8 planets of the Solar System. Venus is the second planet from the Sun and is similar in size to the Earth. Learne interasting facts about Venus in this animation.





Over 1900 Exoplanets have been discovered so far. Exoplanets are Extra Solar Planets. Planets that orbit stars outside of the Solar System, in other parts of the Galaxy.

Rotation of the Solar System Planets

Most of the Solar System planets rotate in a counter-clockwise direction. Though Venus rotates slowely in a clockwise direction, and Uranus rotes on it's end. All of the planets rotate at different speeds. Jupiter has the fastest rotation in the Solar System at 10 hours

Jupiter Ascending over Perth, Western Australia

This is a time lapse video of the Planet Jupiter Ascending over the Western Australian city of Perth. It shows what things may look like if the moon were replaced by Jupiter, though for the purpose of making the video nice to watch, the scale is not correct











Animations of the Solar System, It's Planets and Moons